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The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff has always been a great example of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. Which other video has managed to explain industrial, economic, ecological and sometimes social issues all at one go? I may be a bit late in finding this out, but Annie Leonard’s film has now been expanded into The Story of Stuff Project. Which means there are four more short films which supplement the original video- The Story of Cap and Trade, The Story of  Bottled Water, The Story of Cosmetics, and the most recent, The Story of Electronics.

Annie Leonard in ‘The Story of Electronics’

{click on the image to view the video}

The first time I watched the film (a video file that a friend gave me; I think I didn’t bother much with Youtube at that time) left a lot of questions in my head and pushed me to look up other resources to get some answers. The Story of Stuff Project website takes care of all that this time. While the film plays out, there is an FAQ section that pops up right below, with the option to read more information on certain points that Leonard makes or refers to. In case you wondered, the video automatically pauses itself while you bring yourself up to speed. And of course, there is a separate section in the site that is dedicated to external resources that one can go through.The newer films also constantly refer back to the older ones, allowing all that information to link up and sink in slowly and surely.

2011 is scheduled to see the release of Season 2- three more animated virals which “will include explorations of the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy, inspired by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision; the perverse role government subsidies play in undermining environmental sustainability and public health; and the central role consumer debt plays in the overconsumption—and economic instability—of American families”.

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